With the never-ending amount of information on the internet, it can be difficult to navigate where you should advertise your business. Each business has its own personal and unique needs when it comes to advertising and marketing, so having information on resources is important. To start gaining traction, it’s a great idea to get on a business listing site or a business directory. Not only will this help drive traffic to your site, but it can lead to an increased number of clients or customers as well! Below, you’ll find our top ten local business listing sites.

US Business Listing Sites

1. Great American Buy Local

We’ll start with our own directory, just in case you need a refresher! Great American Buy Local is free and easy to sign up with. We also promote your business across different social media channels to help your business reach organic traffic. We also include blogs and articles to assist you with your online business journey. We’re easy to use and contact if there are any questions, and we focus on local areas so your customers will be close to you!

2. USCity

USCity is a .net website that allows you to list your business through a verification process. Though you may have to go through a phone call process, it helps avoid any spam or potential fraud listings that could be added. There is also an option to search for your business and claim it, which can help avoid inputting incorrect information and being rejected from the site. The site will list your business information for clients and customers to find based on their city location. This site doesn’t allow customers to leave reviews, however, if you would like to provide your customers that option, this list will have other directories for you to choose from!

3. YellowPages

YellowPages is a classic business listing site. Having evolved from the traditional phonebook to both an online website and mobile app, Yellow pages puts focus on your local business listing to bring you customers in your local area first. This directory allows you to claim your business by verifying information to avoid fraud or scams. It also allows customers to rate and leave reviews of your business which can help spread the word about your business and what you have to offer! 

4. CrunchBase

According to TendToRead CrunchBase is “…the leading platform for professionals and business owners who wants to connect companies and people behind them. There are millions of business professionals—including entrepreneurs, investors, market researchers and sales people. Through Crunchbase you can not only add your business also get connected to people who are dealing in the same fields or business. You can also get information about the business for funding and leadership positions and also mergers of acquisitions.” To summarize, the site allows you to post your local business listing and reach not only customers but also other businesses that you may want to partner with in the future. It’s a great way to network and build connections while still allowing yourself to reach out to your community. 

5. City Local Pro

This directory allows you as a business to list your site and cater the listing to maximize who you reach. Users can search based on specific keywords and criteria to find the services or company they’re looking for in their area. It’s a great way to make sure you’re reaching only those that are actually in need of your services, rather than taking calls or receiving emails from those who are unsure. City Local Pro is also easy to access so if customers are on the web or mobile, they can still search and find your business. 

6. Yelp

With Yelp not only is it easy to reach a new customer base, but it gives others the opportunity to review your business! Yelp is based on customer reviews and ratings, and is a trusted source not only for restaurants but also for other industries as well! It’s easy to use, comes on web or a mobile app setting, and allows you to adjust your business information as needed. Because it’s a rate and review service, you also have the ability to respond to reviews customers have left, thanking them for stopping by. 

7. Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle gives business owners and consumers the ability to rate and review, as well as respond to comments. Even though it is a free business listing site to sign up and use, they do have paid features as well to boost your reach across the platform. You can also post deals on the website for those in your community to take advantage of.

8. HotFrog

HotFrog is a local business listing site that allows you to register your local business and gain leads or traction in your community. It’s easy to sign up and validate your business online. HotFrog also allows your customers to leave a review and rating of their experience with your business, letting others know of your great work!

9. Foursquare

While FourSquare is not limited to the United States, it is a great place to post your local business listing. This directory is mobile app-based because it allows customers and clients to check in and let others know they visited your business. It’s a fantastic way to show how many people are coming to see your business, and a great way to interact with customers and your local community. 

10. TrolleyLocal 

TrolleyLocal is a business listing site whose mission states “ALL of us can make a difference and making a difference in our community is our top priority”. One of the great perks of this site, is not only does it provide customers with a local business listing, but it allows them and you to compare your business to others that are in the similar category. The listings provide ratings, reviews, and profiles for each business so you can see what your customers are saying, and how other businesses are operating. 
Deciding where to lit your business can be a daunting task. There are a lot of different sources, and a lot of information regarding these online directories. With the information provided here, these free directories could be a great choice for your business, but if you have any questions or want more information? Feel free to check out our other blogs regarding online directories and what they offer!

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