Curious why you should support local businesses? There are about 30 million small businesses in the United States, representing 99% of the companies in our country. These businesses employ about 57 million employees in America, which represents nearly 50% of the workforce! Our country runs on small businesses and the people that work for them.

Local businesses make America go round! From your favorite local coffee spot to your go-to local contractor, local businesses make up a huge part of the business community. With all of the work local business owners and workers do, we think it’s important to recognize and spotlight them.

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How We Started Supporting Local Businesses

During the initial outbreak of covid-19, we saw the struggle of many local business owners and wanted to encourage the general public to get out (or stay in) and support their communities. And so The Great American Buy Local Day was created! We started a nationwide push to support local businesses.

On April 7th, all Americans are encouraged to shop local in the USA, get a service done, buy gift cards, give positive reviews online, refer friends to the small businesses in their communities, and support local businesses in other creative ways. There is always something you can do to help these businesses, even from your own home.

With our efforts and support from the community, over 12 million people participated in our initiative! This got us thinking, how could we continue to promote all of the amazing local businesses across the USA throughout the year? Thus was born the Great American Buy Local Directory!

How Can You Make A Difference?

Shop local in the USA, give positive reviews online, refer a friend, and support local businesses in other creative ways. There is always something you can do to help these businesses and support your local business community, even from your own home.

Need some ideas? Examples of how to support local business include:

-Get a vehicle serviced or repaired at your local mechanic shop

-Shop at a locally-owned grocery store

-Order take-out or delivery from a locally-owned restaurant

-Complete your taxes with a local CPA

-Provide a local business with reviews on Google, Facebook, or Yelp

-Complete interior or exterior home renovations with a local contractor

-Order products from a locally-owned business and have them delivered or do a drive-by pickup

Your community can use your help, and it won’t take extra effort. Make conscious decisions to buy local and put your dollars to good use! Have ideas about how to support local businesses?

We want to hear them! Message or comment on our social media posts, then follow along for more tips.

Get Your Business or Chamber Listed!

We invite businesses to list their business information on our directory to get free exposure on our website and social media channels that reach roughly 5,000 people. Our list of businesses is ever-growing, and we love recognizing every business for the unique problems they solve or the services they offer in their communities.

Our directory is also open to sign-ups from Chambers of Commerce. Since Chambers already connect various businesses in their area, they are invited to list their information to help further promote the businesses within their city and community.

We continue to accept new sign-ups, and post about all of the amazing local businesses we come across throughout the year. In addition to our social media channels, we also created a podcast to highlight small business owners and offer marketing tips and tricks.

Want to get your business listed? Follow these simple steps to register a new business name, add your listing, and start spreading the word about what you have got going on:

Step 1: Visit the Great American Buy Local Day website

Step 2: Click “Get Listed” to add your business

Step 3: To register your company name, enter your business name the way you would like it to be displayed.

Step 4: Enter the city and state where your business is located

Step 5: Enter your website link or the Facebook page of your business that you want to be listed

Step 6: Upload the logo or picture you want to represent your business

Step 7: Click “Get Listed” and promote your business in the USA!