Developing a brand strategy can be seen as a daunting task. As a business owner, you want to be in front of customers, promoting your product or service to as many people as possible. However, to get anyone to step into your store, click on your website, or do anything you want them to do, you need to set yourself apart from the rest of your competition. 

You need a brand. 

The issue comes when you try to develop a brand strategy. While you may be good at selling, it doesn’t mean a thing if people don’t know who you are and what you have to offer. A marketing consultant can help you develop and fine-tune your specific brand to set you apart from the rest.

What is a Marketing Consultant?

In the past, any type of consultant, not just with marketing, would be hired through a consulting firm. However, since the internet has taken a bit more of a foothold on our society, these consultants have taken on more specialized roles within specific companies and organizations. 

A marketing consultant is someone who shapes the marketing plan for a particular business. This includes brand strategy and implementation, SEO, PPC, and even content management. Today, marketing consultants work mostly in the digital space, allowing businesses to have a wider reach at a lower cost.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Consultant?

When it comes to brand strategy, a marketing consultant can help you get your finger on the market’s pulse, where things are pointing, and how they can best benefit the outcomes of your business. 

What Are a Marketing Consultant’s Skills?

Typically, there are five skills you should look for when considering someone for your brand strategy needs: 

  • Understanding the Market/Client
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Mastery of Marketing Channels
  • Dominating the Technology
  • Managing Expectations and Performance

How Does a Marketing Consultant Help with Brand Strategy?

As part of their skillset, a marketing consultant is meant to show their knowledge of the current market and the client. This requires them to have in-depth experiences with the market and may require them to do some research into your target audience. The strategies they come up with help establish the correct processes your business should take and what should be done to fully establish your brand.

Keep in mind that your brand is your reputation. So the marketing consultant you choose to work with should do everything in their power to ensure your reputation is one your target audience wants to associate with. 

Here’s what a marketing consultant can do for you when creating your brand strategy:

Considers The Overall Business Strategy

How do you want your business to grow? Organically? Through more paid approaches? The marketing consultant will look at your strategy, find ways to improve it, and suggest ways to fill any cracks that may not have been clear.

Identifies and Researches Target Audience

No business should say that its target market is “everyone.” That is the sign of a weak marketing strategy and a floundering brand. The marketing consultant can help you determine who your target audience should be. Having a specific target will help create a stronger brand strategy. The more targeted your branding, the stronger your marketing will be. 

Once a target market is agreed on, it helps to know how to best reach that audience. This research is incredibly helpful if you want your business to grow. Businesses that conduct the proper and frequent research into their target market see their growth and profits grow significantly faster and higher than those that do no or even occasional research.

Develops Brand Positioning and Messaging

Depending on how saturated the market is, the way your business is positioned among the noise determines how successful the strategy will be. How are you different from your competition? What do you have to offer? What is your elevator pitch to a prospective customer? The marketing consultant will find the best way your brand strategy can rise above the rest. And construct the right message for your target audience.

Develops Name, Logo, and Tagline

While you may already be satisfy with what you have, they may not be speaking to your prospective customers the way you want them to. The marketing consultant will help you determine how to improve on these elements to get customers looking for you. While it is important that these elements are not the brand per se. It helps provide a visual aid to those that recognize your brand and choose to patronize your business.

Develops Content Strategy

Content takes many forms. When it comes to your brand strategy, the marketing consultant will find ways to get your brand out to the masses. This may include website building and creating content for that, making posters. And any other method that can be use to get your business in the minds of people in the world.

Tracks KPIs

Measurable outcomes are important when it comes to brand strategies. The marketing consultant can help you track these key indicators and explain what they mean and how to adjust your strategy as needed.

Getting the Right Marketing Consultant

At the Great American Buy Local, we have the resources to help your small business grow and help implement your brand strategy and reach your target audience with Local business directories. Contact us today to connect with one of our marketing specialists! Add your business today if you or someone you know is looking to grow their local business.

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