With marketing strategies always changing along with the trends, it can be difficult to stay on top of the most eye-catching promotional tactics. Social media does a lot for promoting a business, but setting your business apart from the competition can feel impossible. When you want to promote your business, there are plenty of options other than social media and content, though those are important tools to keep up on! 

To set yourself apart you may have to stray from the usual content and social campaigns, but reaching out to other avenues can be beneficial both for growth and creating connections. In this list, you’ll learn about five out of the box ways to promote your business

Press Releases

A press release is a great way to get media attention and have your business exposed to the community. If you have an event, want to showcase a notable achievement, or anything newsworthy, a press release can help promote your business. They’re typically short, so it doesn’t take long to craft, you can include photos, and they can be released by news outlets around your community to gain exposure. 

Online Communities

If social media is your more prominent promotional tool, joining an online community in your industry can also help promote your business. Leaving comments, offering advice on your experiences, and interacting with individuals with similar interests can boost your online presence, and ultimately promote your business. These online communities can also offer you advice on the easiest ways to promote your business online or provide other opportunities to grow together and create your own community of like-minded individuals. 

Local and Community Events

Does your community hold a lot of events where you can rent a booth? Community events are a great way to spread the word about your business and services by word of mouth. It’s also a great way to meet the community and get to know their needs and promote your business by letting visitors know how you can meet those needs. These events are also a place where you can introduce yourself to community leaders like members of your local Chamber of Commerce, or community groups. It’s an opportunity to sign up and join these groups and add another way to promote your business. 

Create Visuals

Visuals are important when promoting your business. They give your business or services a face and a brand that can be recognized by clients and customers, or potential customers. Creating eye-catching, engaging visuals is also great to share across social platforms or to use in other digital marketing tactics. You can also add these visuals to blog posts to help with the performance of the blog and ultimately the performance of your website. Visuals increase clicks, which can lead to more engagement or can bring in new customers. These visuals can include graphics, videos, gifs, and edited photos. It’s never too late to put on your creative cap and get to designing!

Trade Shows

These events are great for introducing your product or business to new or potential customers. You can showcase your work, provide samples, hand out or promote special deals, and utilize the time you have to spread the word about your small business. Trade shows provide a space where you can not only promote your business to potential customers but can also introduce you to other businesses. They offer a place where you can network with other individuals in your industry, or that may be able to provide helpful tips for your business. Networking with other local businesses can help with partnerships and promoting each other’s businesses, or teaming up to draw in new customers.

Workshops or Webinars

If you have a specific skill that you can share with others, then you definitely have the ability to hold a workshop or webinar. Not only is this a great opportunity to show your work first hand, but it’s a great way to promote your business because it brings people to you to ask questions. Workshops are a great way to talk about your business, how you got started, and how others can benefit from your work. It’s also a unique way to reach out to your community and show that you’re invested in the success of your community and its members.

It can be difficult to promote your business, and finding a way to shake up old tactics and break away from the mold is daunting. However, in doing so you set yourself apart from the rest and also increase the potential to reach a new audience and gain new business. If none of these suit your fancy, continue to follow our socials for new blogs and tips to not only promote your business but support other small businesses in your local area!

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