The time has come and small businesses need our attention! But you are probably wondering, how can you do that? The answer is simple: local business directories. 

Local business directories are a staple for small or large businesses. This local strategy is an essential tool for helping customers find a business in their area. By accessing these directories, consumers have a variety of options to choose from. For business owners utilizing local business directories, will not only expand their business but also help build credibility. 

Small Business Owners

Local Business Directories

Small businesses are very important in each and every neighborhood. They bring a comforting feel that all residents love and cherish. But with being a small business, it is hard for their company to get its name out there. Local business directories give them a chance to reveal who they are and why they are important. In addition, it provides recognition to customers outside of the area. 

What are the key elements of a local business list? 

Local Business Directories

Having your business listed, it is important to follow certain steps and guidelines for your business as well as customers to find you. Including significant elements of your company is essential for the customers to know what they are walking into. Providing false information will lead to a bad review. While filling out your business listing, it is suggested to include the following information in detail: 

  1. Business Name
  2. Physical Address
  3. Website
  4. Phone Number
  5. Business Description
  6. Categories
  7. Tagline
  8. Social Profiles
  9. Images of the interior, exterior, and products/services you provide.
  10. Additional media–videos, testimonials, etc.
  11. Certifications
  12. Brands Offered
  13. Payment Options
  14. Alternate Phone Numbers
  15. Attributes

This is the first step to watching your small business grow. Adding your business to a local business directory will feature all the amazing qualities of your business and why consumers should contact or purchase your products. 


It is time to explore near you. Calling to all customers, this is your opportunity to support all small businesses and give extra love to your local coffee, retail, and pet shops. Local business directories guide you in the right direction to help support small businesses. Think about how much they do for you, now it is time to give back. Utilizing the local business directories will provide you with all the key elements like distance, relevance, reviews, etc. to make sure you have a great understanding of the company you are about to support. 

What is The Great American Buy Local? 

The Great American Buy Local is a local business site highlighting the efforts of all the amazing small businesses in the United States. Our mission is to be a resource for all local businesses who are looking to share their amazing company with the world. At Great American Buy Local, we encourage small businesses as often as we can. Supporting small businesses not only strengthens our economy but also helps support families and communities. 

How to Utilize Our Local Business Directory? 

Local Business Directories

With Great American Buy Local, we provide a direct, well-thought-out local business directory to make it easy for you to support local businesses. Each business has something inspiring to offer and should be recognized for it. Small businesses do so much for our community and it is time to give back. Whether you are a customer or a small business owner, it is useful to have the company listed. Having your company on our local business directory, you will receive free exposure on our website and all our social media channels. Our directory is always open for new sign-ups and by listing your business, your amazing company will be promoted worldwide for everyone to enjoy. In addition, The Great American Buy Local created a podcast highlighting the wonderful small business owners and offering helpful marketing tips and tricks. Our goal is to bring business and community members together with three categories: find businesses, review listings, and add your own listing. 

  1. Find Businesses: Connect with all small businesses. This allows you to discover the local businesses and choose which one to support. 
  2. Review Listings: Reviewing listings provides you with the chance to review the insights of the company as well as write your own experience by leaving a review on their business listing. 
  3. Add Your Own Listing: Buy Local! Add your business to the listing to receive reviews, refer a friend, or support a local business. 

Having your company listed is just the beginning! At Great American Buy Local, we have a team of experts who can help with the growth of your business. Contact us at today if you or someone who is looking to create their own local business.

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