While there is a comparison to online directories being similar to the old-school Yellow Pages, the truth is that they are far more beneficial than that. Business directories have a lot of the Yellow Pages of 20 or 30 years ago never had. And if they are being ignored by any business, it will put them at a major disadvantage. 

The perks that come with online business directories can be numerous. However, we can still list a few of those benefits here to show just how important they are.

Online Business Directory Platforms

When it comes to knowing how important business directories are, it might help to know what directories are out there. Keep in mind that this isn’t a complete list, but it should give an idea of what is out there for your benefit.

Many cities and towns will also have local business directories to provide a similar experience to those named above and may also work as a networking tool to connect with other business owners in your area.

The Perks Of Online Business Directories

Most business directories are free to use. In the rare event that one requires a payment, it is usually inexpensive. Usually, this is because these platforms know just how important it is to have a positive return on investment. 

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Improved Internet Presence

When you list your business with an online business directory, it improves the chances that your site will list better regarding SEO. A better SEO ranking makes it easier for your current customers, and even some new customers, to reach out to you to either shop from your store or get more information about what you offer.

Better Brand Awareness

There is still truth to the Know, Like, and Trust factor. And listing with an online business directory improves the likelihood that your brand will be recognized and seen as a trusted authority in your specific niche. Even if the person who searches for you doesn’t choose your business, your brand is still in their mind in the eventuality they want to choose a different place to shop.

This also affects how your business is reviewed. People will see how other customers like associating with your business which will also boost the reputation of your business. Utilizing these tools makes it easier to show professionalism and adds a crucial human element that people crave when dealing with businesses.

Improving Your Listings On Online Business Directories

Just like with SEO, you can improve your business’s chances of getting listed even higher on business directories and get all the perks associated with it – not just the ones listed above. 

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Claim High-Authority Listings

There is a myth that by claiming certain business directories, the websites of a business would be ranked down by search engines like Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go. However, it’s just that—a myth. 

The truth is that online listings can help your site’s search engine ranking when you choose specific sites that are proven to be trustworthy. These sites include Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, Bing, and others.

Ensure Information Is Complete

When listing your business in an online directory, every piece of information must be accurate. You are looking for ways to connect to your customers, after all. If they can’t find you or even contact you, you’re not going to see the success you would have expected and end up wasting your time with the listing.

If you list your business with multiple online business directories, ensure that your information, such as business name, address, and phone number, is the same across all platforms. 

If your information needs to be updated for any reason, such as a new phone number or moving to a new location, make sure it is updated as soon as possible.

Post Quality Content Consistently

There’s no reason to hide. You want people to find you, after all. When you list your business in an online directory, post pictures and videos that engage potential customers. Remember, this isn’t just a one-and-done deal. You need to be consistent with the content you post.

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For example, if you run a restaurant, it helps to post pictures of the food you serve, especially when there is a menu change. Sometimes creating a video that incorporates yourself and your staff can help show the kind of establishment you are and how you would treat potential patrons that come through your doors.

Monitor Your Listings

Finally, when optimizing your online business directory listing, you need to monitor it consistently. This is the avenue that shows how you are going to succeed. 

Your Small Business Partner

If you want to boost your business’s reputation and growth through an online business directory, reach out to us here at The Great American Buy Local and get the resources you need to boost your local SEO, improve your brand, and grow your customer base!

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