What are you doing on Thursday, April 7th, 2022? I know! You are celebrating The Great American Buy Local Day. This important day brings the community together to commemorate the local businesses, shops, organizations, and restaurants. It is time to Think Local and help small businesses flourish in our neighborhoods we know and love. 

Nationwide, we can do this together by supporting the millions of local businesses that employ millions of people in our communities. If you are unsure about how to do this, The  Great American Buy Local has some helpful tips on how to support: 

  1. Visit a local store
  2. Provide a positive and effective online review 
  3. Order delivery or take-out 
  4. Schedule recurring services with your local salon, attorney or accountant
  5. Refer your friends to all your favorite spots or go with them 
  6. Donate to a non-profit that supports a cause you are passionate about.

But, you don’t have to just start or end on April 7th. Because of the pandemic, it caused a lot of small businesses to shut down or be financially unstable. By continuing to spread awareness, this could be a new lifestyle change, in a good way, and make our community whole. 

Mark in your calendars, that on Thursday, April 7th, 2022 you are going to celebrate The Great American Buy Local Day! Cooperatively, we are going to Think Small, Buy Local. 
For additional information, contact us at https://greatamericanbuylocal.com/ to learn more about The Great American Buy Local Day as well as on how to support local businesses.

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