Small businesses are finally beginning to grasp the basic fundamentals in order to grow website traffic and user engagement. One of our key focuses as a company was always to provide services that assist small and local companies to be recognized and represented. To achieve these goals, we frequently conduct research to learn and explore the internet for locations that are both cost-effective for small businesses and have a large enough audience to help rather than harm or do nothing. Read on to learn about some simple and basic listings and principles that will assist your company’s website get more visitors.
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It doesn’t have to be all about search engine optimization to drive visitors to a website. Traditional approaches can provide results: a well-designed website, as well as investing your heart and soul into building a truly pleasant site.

One of the most crucial principles to follow, and the first on the list, is to come up with a website name that seems authentic. Of course, SEO friendliness is essential, which means your name must contain words that people search for while looking for information about your product. Everything will be OK as long as you don’t go overboard and use too many keywords. 

Let’s learn more about the different types of business listing websites to increase web traffic:

  1. Great American Buy Local

At  GABL we try to provide you with the best of the best, and help small and local businesses grow. Our free business listings are simple to use, and will help you get seen in your community. We also do everything we can to promote the businesses that are listed with us on social media, giving you an extra boost. 

  1. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is still a terrific medium for helping businesses connect with one another and interact, not just as a local business listing site. You’re not just reaching out to local clients and customers, but you’re also reaching out to other businesses and learning what’s worked for them, as well as joining online communities that can help your company expand. This site is wonderful for networking and staying up to date on what’s going on in your business, as well as upcoming events that you might want to attend!

  1. Instagram 

One of the first social media platforms, or shall we say the king of social platforms is Facebook. This social platform is the perfect place for small businesses to promote their services, interact with the targeted audience, and create user engagement. The Facebook Business feature allows you to not only have a social network presence, but also to create ad space, promote content and services, and give your company a face so that your consumers know who you are. Create an account, it’s free, and then make use of their special features to schedule posts, add your business hours, a menu of services, videos, photos, and other valuable information to your business. 

  1. Yellow Pages 

Listing your business on YellowPages has numerous advantages and benefits. This trusted source is one that people have trusted since its beginnings as a phonebook, and it also targets people locally depending on your area. With YellowPages you can easily find people, and also add the continued bonus to increase your SEO score. 

  1. Four Square

One of the best things about FourSquare is that it’s not only a free business listing site, but it also uses GPS to help people in your region find you and share their experiences with your business. People may evaluate and rate your business as well as share their location with it. This local listing directory site also distinguishes between local favorites and national chains, which is useful when looking for new customers or clients.

  1. Yelp

Yelp is an all time favorite when it comes to listing business sites. Over the years, Yelp has become a trusted customer review site, and it also helps publicize your business. So, when it comes to a local listing site, Yelp is fantastic for all of its features, and it also has a solid review feature. 

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We are always on the lookout to help small and local businesses, therefore we want to provide as much accurate information as possible. We made sure to include the 6 sites on this list that are both free and have a strong domain authority to drive user engagement. The domain authority is crucial because placing your right information on a company listing site isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to SEO ranking and optimization. With a high domain authority you can be showcased as a well-indexed website on search engines. When you list your information on that high-ranked website, it helps to increase your ranking, which helps you get noticed sooner,  and in turn helps your business expand.Our team of experts can help with the growth of your business. Plus, haven’t you heard? Using our strategic and proven business listings can provide transformational results. Contact us at today if you or someone you know is having trouble with their business listings.

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