When it comes to the success of small businesses, online business directories are crucial. The benefits they have for small and medium businesses are truly immeasurable. 

However, some business owners still need convincing on why they need to be listed in these business directories. 

Here are five of the top reasons why online business directories are crucial.

Reason #1 – Online Business Directories Improve Your Reach

It should be no surprise that the most obvious reason is the first one. The fact is that registering your business with an online business directory increases your chances of reaching potential customers. 

It is a common misconception that just because a business may have a website, they are all set with its online presence. Placing a business in an online directory brings that business to a much larger audience, even if the market may seem limited in a certain community. 

With an online directory, that business improves their chances with local SEO, which helps their site rise in the rankings on a consistent basis. Replying solely on a website would make that effort infinitely harder and still not produce the results that business owners may want. 

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The truth is, an improved SEO that comes just from the traffic of listing with online business directories provides an element of trust and authority that wouldn’t have come otherwise.

Reason #2 – Online Business Directories Drives More Traffic To Websites

It was mentioned how SEO would improve, but what about a business’s website directly? 

As it turns out, one of the key indicators for search engine optimization is how much traffic a website receives. Online business directories drive more users to a business’s website to view products and services.

In today’s connected world, any business owner would want the most eyes on their website as possible. And the website is where a business can exhibit its work, show what it is capable of, and how it serves its clientele. And the beauty of it is that even if these online visits don’t become immediate sales, they are likely to become sales later on. 

Online business directories help push that traffic, which, again, improves SEO for their business’s website.

Reason #3 – Online Business Directories Engage Potential Customers

When any user looks up a specific service in their area, they will typically look at the source that appears the most credible. Most of the time, that comes down to how previous customers have reviewed a business. 

This is where many business owners may become a bit wary of listing a business with these online directories. While it is true that not listing with these online business directories might eliminate the possibility of negative reviews, it also eliminates the opportunity for positive reviews as well. 

While some negative reviews are unavoidable, if a business has more positive customer interactions than negative ones, then it shows a bit more credibility on the end of the potential customer. 

Reason #4 – Online Business Directories Make It Easier To Get Testimonials

In today’s world, more and more people require social proof before they consider buying anything from anyone. 

What better way than through customer testimonials?

The great thing about this is that, unless a business owner wants to, there is no need to sit someone down and ask them why they like that business. When someone leaves a review on Google, Bing, or any other online business directory, that testimonial can be used as a promotion for your business. 

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Not only will that review be on the business listing of the search engine a person uses, but it can also be put on the business website as a testimonial. There is usually no better social proof than several people giving an unsolicited review promoting a business. 

Reason #5 – Online Business Directories Help A Business’s Reputation

Any business listed in an online directory will typically be trusted above other local businesses that aren’t. 

And it’s easy to see why. Directories like Google My Business have safeguards to ensure that any business listed with them is truly legitimate. It will typically remind business owners to ensure their information, like phone numbers and addresses, is consistently up to date. 

Combined with the information on how to contact a business, potential customers will be able to see the reviews previous customers have left, as well as review the business website personally. 

Any opportunity a business can get to strengthen its reputation should be taken, even if it might not necessarily need it at the moment. A business’s reputation is its brand, and if the brand is strengthened, the business is more likely to flourish.

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