business, now more than ever we need to support each other. Small businesses have found themselves in pretty dire situations, and it’s no surprise people are responding with an outpour of support to try and help. If you feel like you’ve run out of ways you can support your local businesses, or community, keep reading. We have twenty great ways you can support local, and support small businesses.

  1. Commit to Local Businesses

While this seems simple to do, it can be harder in practice! To support local businesses, it’s important to commit to those businesses the best you can. Below we’ll dive more into ways you can help, but the key ingredient here is committing to those businesses, even if it’s just a few of your favorites. 

  1. Write a post

We all know that for business, content is king, and this idea extends to being a customer. Utilizing your social media to write a nice post about your favorite local business or small business can go a long way! You don’t have to be a novelist or write something lengthy, but just putting up a post to let your friends list or followers know where you like to go can boost business for your favorite shop!

  1. Tip Well

Going out to eat? Tipping is customary in our culture, but remember that not only are you supporting the business by dining out, but you’re also supporting their staff. A lot of the staff rely on their tips to make ends meet, and fewer people dining out means fewer tips. Remember to tip well if you can, it’ll be appreciated by a lot of people!

  1. Go Online

Want to keep your distance but still help small businesses? Shopping online at your local business stores is another great way to help boost their sales and also supply yourself with items you need, or even items you want. 

  1. Offer your own services

Do you have a special skill? Maybe a few connections in the community? Reach out and offer them! It never hurts to ask if there’s something else you can do other than purchase their services or supplies. Businesses often pay a lot of money for graphics, consulting, and advertising. If you have a skill that can be of use, offering it can go a long way in keeping local businesses running.

Not only is donating great for the community, but any extra supplies could be welcomed by small businesses, and a great way to support local shops and owners. You could donate money to a cause they’re running, items to a fundraiser, or even extra supplies that you may have hoarded like hand sanitizer or toilet paper. Check in with your local businesses and see if there’s anything you can offer them to make their operations smoother. 

  1. Write a Review

Reviews do a lot for a business like helping it rank higher in Google searches, letting those on social media know that their customers are happy, and ultimately driving more business to them. With travel reopening, leaving a great review for your local businesses can help boost their customer base by showing not only loyalty but the satisfaction their customers receive!

  1. Tell All Your Friends

Word of mouth is also still one of the top ways to market and advertise. Telling friends and family about your favorite haunts and encouraging them to try out your favorite restaurants or shops can increase the support the business sees, and help them get through these hard times. 

  1. Take Pictures

Especially for restaurants, or businesses where you receive handmade goods, photos are important. It gives others the ability to see the quality you received, and when posting to social media or a review, can help the business receive more positive reviews and business. Also, use of photos helps with advertising, just remember to tag them!

  1. Order Take Out

Ordering take out from chain restaurants has been made easy by delivery apps, but next time you’re looking for a quick meal, double check to see if your favorite restaurant is offering delivery or take out services! Not only will you be able to fill your stomach but you’ll also continue supporting small business and community members. 

  1. Keep the Membership

With social distancing, work-from-home measures, and other precautions that have made leaving our homes different, keeping gym memberships or other memberships seems to be illogical, especially if they’re temporarily closed. However, keeping your membership until the space reopens could potentially help keep that small business or local business in operation. 

  1. DIY Projects

We all picked up a hobby or two during the initial shutdown, so why not keep it going? If you’re in need of craft supplies, or you’re looking to spruce up your space, try hitting up local suppliers before big chains first. They may also offer better deals or tricks on how to accomplish your project. 

  1. Follow, Like, Share and Subscribe

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it a lot more, content is king. Follow your favorite local businesses, like their posts, share their posts, or subscribe to their channels for regular updates. Not only does this boost their social media presence and help their name spread onto other feeds, but it can help you stay on top of what they might need, or any deals they might be offering. 

  1. Check Local Business Directories

We’ve done a few articles in different directories businesses should sign up for, and you can check them out for yourself to see where your city might have the most listings! But checking these local business directories for contractors, restaurants, shops, salons, and other needs is a great way to support small business and local businesses alike. 

  1. Continue Checking In

Sometimes, reaching out to check in and directly ask what they need to feel supported is the best thing you can do. Letting a small business or local businesses know that you’re there to support is a meaningful way to show you care and you’re present for your community. 

  1. Lookout for Local Events

Events that allow small businesses to showcase their products and services are typically held throughout the year, usually at an expo or a fair. Keep an eye on your local paper, chamber of commerce, or other city social media to be sure you’re up to date on events happening and how you can support them.

  1. Be Thoughtful

During these times, it’s difficult to keep others in mind with all the stress that’s mounting. But continuing to be thoughtful and mindful when shopping can help small businesses continue to succeed. 

  1. Be Compassionate

Compassion is a gift that everyone can benefit from but is one that can sometimes be lacking in times of hardship. Allowing yourself to extend compassion is just one way to show that you’re in it with others and you’re going to support in the ways you can. 

  1. Be Patient

This is a big one, especially for local businesses. Some places are lacking staff, some are having difficulty getting supplies, regardless of the reason you may have to wait or your favorite item might be out of stock. Being patient is an extension of showing compassion, and kindness. It will allow businesses to feel at ease and it allows them grace while they try to fill your needs.

  1. Keep Spreading the Good Vibes

A lot of us can agree times are hard. Positivity is a way to outreach to your community and when you get involved with a positive attitude others will follow suit. Bringing unity during hard times makes us stronger, so keep up the good attitude and continue to persevere. 

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