Whether you’re a digital marketer looking to reach a wider audience, a cycle manufacturer trying to increase sales, or just someone looking to establish a new business – you are going to need a website, a business listing, and defined goals. 

When creating a great website, it entails more than simply collecting data and sharing it on the internet. It’s about driving force for your audience, creating high-quality material that is beneficial for user’s, and delivering a pleasant outcome overall. Creating a business listing has some clear do’s and don’t, but building a successful one will be meticulously built from the ground up. A great website or business listing is built with the audience in mind and will not engage in unethical practices in order to rank high in search results.

To create a successful business, you should think about all things, have set goals, and determine what exactly it is that you want to achieve. Create a business listing so that people can find you or contact you, or create a whole website to provide more information and credibility about your business. And ask yourself if you have all the resources to do this? And, if you don’t, simply contact GABL, we will get you and your business up to speed in no time!

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Choose us, because we know a lot about business listings and how they work, we’ve put together a list of our top 10 tips for creating a successful business listing. Let’s learn more about them in detail: 

  1. Have Defined Goals

Before beginning any project, remember to make a plan, set a goal, and be determined on what exactly it is that you are on the lookout for. Changing the course of an existing website can be difficult, but not impossible. Make sure you understand what kind of business listing is needed and what you want to accomplish with it. 

  1. Add a Business Name or Title

When creating a new business listing, always remember to add your real business name. Make sure that your name matches the business sign, website logo, and contact information. Do not add unnecessary or unwanted keywords, or other modifiers. 

  1. Add a Business Address

Remember to list your actual business address to your listing, with no changes or alterations. Do not create a listing for your PO boxes or unstaffed offices, and do not create a local business listing for such places. Always add your street address on line and a mailbox number on line two on Google. To prevent unusual formatting, this is a sensible practice to follow for almost all citations. 

  1. Phone Number 

Google supports toll-free numbers, but it’s best to add a local area code phone number to your business listing. This is especially useful for hotels because they’re local, where the majority of their customers are from out of town and a toll-free number can be extremely useful. However, if you continue to use a toll-free number for your listing make sure that your website and all other citations are using this number consistently.

  1. Add a Website URL
    To increase your ranking and to publicize your listing, make sure that your website URL is directly linked to a page owned and run by the business. Do not connect it to a third party source, a social website, or any other online platform. Google clearly states that your website URL should direct the audience to a page owned by your company or business. 
  1. Clear Description

The description  section allows you to showcase the most compelling and powerful aspects of your company – the features which mostly persuade a prospective customer to pick you.  In most cases, you’ll have many enough characters to construct a brief introduction for your business. Compose a distinct description for every platform, or you can build an unified description and share it across all of your citations if you want.

  1. Tagline

This section can be seen on the listing of some local business or popular brands, and it can help increase customer awareness for those businesses whose taglines have become familiar and easily recognizable. For example, McDonald’s – “I’m lovin’ it” is a well-known business tagline. It’s not necessary to create a tagline. 

  1. Social Profiles

Most online platforms allow you to link your social profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social media accounts. Fill up these forms and link them to your socials to direct customers to extra user experience and interact with your brand.  

  1. Add Images

According to Google, photos can make that extra impact for your local business listing, and have a significant impact on click through rates, user engagement, impressions,and much more. It’s always a good idea to post high-quality pictures to boost awareness. 

  1.  Add Certifications 

To build trust and credibility add all professional licenses and certification to your business listing.

  1. Other Potential Additions

You can add more attributes to increase the awareness of your business listing. For example, you may create extra presence –  add alternate contact numbers, fax numbers, associated brands, payment forms,and much more.

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This is the end of our list, but it’s not the end of knowing more! You can add many more things to increase the performance of your business listing. Your business’s search ranking is directly linked by the quality, consistency, and awareness of your data. So, are you ready to get started on your new business listing? If you’re starting from scratch, we can help you! 

Our team of experts can help with the growth of your business. Plus, haven’t you heard? Using our strategic and proven business listings can provide transformational results. Contact us at https://greatamericanbuylocal.com/ today if you or someone you know is having trouble with their business listings.

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